Awaken your creativity by balancing your sacral chakra
APRIL 22, 2019

The sacral chakra in Sanskrit called Svadhishthan is composed of Sva which means "one's own" and adhiṣṭhāna which means "base" or "seat." It is found at the level of the genitals and its color is orange. This chakra is the energetic center of sensuality and creativity, is responsible for producing joy and ambition and is associated with passion, creation, vulnerability and our relationships with other people and with the world.

It has a strong connection with the crescent moon. Since the moon represents the water element, the feminine energies and the connection with the subconscious, the sacral chakra has a relationship and an influence on the emotions and that is why this chakra carries with it a vital impulse, expressed in creativity and sexuality.

When your sacral chakra is balanced, you have and feel the energy necessary to create a business, a work of art, a garden, even make a new life. There are no fears of expanding borders or communicating your emotions and needs and you feel comfortable listening and attending to the needs of others. You have balanced relationships where you give and receive with love and without expecting anything in return. You are able to express your sensitivity and vulnerability without fear. You also accept and love your body, with its defects and weaknesses. You are no longer guided by your impulses because by channeling emotions, creativity can flourish freely. To have it balanced is to release emotions and passions without repression, to create without fear.

Even so, we confuse creativity with something artistic, but creativity is really creating. You can create by cooking or planting a flower, even when finding a new way to solve a problem. When we use physical or mental rough materials and transform them into something new, we are using our creative energy.

It is very sad to think that the society in which we currently live does not encourage us or help us to be genuine, nor to live, let alone express our emotions. Since we are children we are accustomed to repressing many of the things we feel or want, we must fit and follow certain rules and doing so the only thing we do is not let the creative energy flow freely causing blockages that we will have to release later and with them our unique ideas.

Symptoms of an unbalanced sacral chakra

When the sacral chakra is blocked, inactive or not developed there will be a lack of energy and motivation, without finding meaning or happiness in the simple things of life. It also manifests the fear of facing life, as well as persistent sexual frustration.

On the contrary, when the sacral chakra is too open, active or excessively developed, it can be felt like a constant frustration, where sexual addiction, obsessive jealousy, and impulsive behaviors are possible.

How to balance the sacral chakra?

To balance our sacral chakra, the first thing we must do is to recognize the fact that it is okay to receive, and so is taking time for ourselves. We must work to heal problems of emotional or sexual abuse that we may have been victims of, and constant work to accept changes as well as release feelings of guilt.

Likewise, perhaps one of the most exciting ways to balance our chakra is to play as if we were children. Kids play, create something, destroy it and start creating something new again as if nothing had happened. Do not take things so seriously. If you cooked something and it turns out horrible, nothing happens. If something went wrong at work, it does not mean that your career came to an end. Let yourself be carried away by the infinite creative energy that you have and do not judge or blame yourself because something did not work out as you expected.

In addition to being open to creativity, to keep your second chakra balanced, try to maintain a healthy and loving sex life, honoring and respecting your body. Connect with your emotions and if you see that there is some feeling to which you are clinging, treat it in a healthy way.

We have also created a talisman with healing crystals and an animal that will help you heal your sacral chakra. The talisman integrates all the necessary energies so that you can lead a life full of creativity. The Robin will help you feel calm in each situation and find happiness in the simplest things in life. The Carnelian gives you confidence, creativity, and self-esteem, and the Sunstone will help you renew your energy and reach your goals. When you use this talisman, you will begin to feel excitement, inspiration, and motivation, leading you to create what you dream.