Basic Guide for Energy Protection
APRIL 1, 2019

Every day we meet new people, we engage in conversations with them and enter new places where there is always an exchange of energies. Our energy interacts with other energies, receives and gives away. When we enter a place and feel peace and happiness that energy of love fills us, but we can also feel the complete opposite, you can sense negative energies that are not yours but our energy field absorbs them.

Even negative thoughts can affect our energy field and lower our vibration. It is not necessary to say things out loud in order to perceive the energy emitted by people or places.

Remember that human beings vibrate according to the consciousness and the present moment. The people that you feel that contaminate your energy space are not bad, what happens is that they do not control their energy very well, they may be going through very difficult moments and inadvertently emit these low vibrations. Let us learn to have compassion and understanding, we have all gone through similar situations.

The protection of the energy is to take care of the energy around you, to keep it vibrating high and as clean as possible. Protecting it is making sure it does not enter anything you do not desire. It is essential that you know yourself, by understanding your cycles, your feelings, your ways of thinking, you will know exactly which is your energy and how it flows.

How do we do it?

1. Protection shield

The first thing we have to know is how to create a shield of protection. This is probably one of the most powerful ways of protecting yourself. Every day when you wake up or before leaving your home, do a little meditation where you imagine how a blue ray of protection light forms inside your body touching all your organs and as this beautiful blue light surrounds your entire body creates a protective shield. Imagine how this light will protect you throughout the day, give thanks to God and get ready with all of his love for your new day. Always do this with the power of intention.

2. Observation of the present

Everyday life offers us different experiences, there will be days when we have all the energy in the world to achieve everything we desire, but there will also be days when we do not feel excited and live situations in which we are not happy. But have we ever stopped to analyze what causes these good or bad feelings we experience?

Observe and pay close attention to how you feel when you talk to certain people, or when you find yourself in certain situations or when you enter someplace and you feel strange and not yourself. Pay attention to every single detail, your body is warning you and literally telling you what its good and what is not for you. Observe and think the conversations you are having, if there are negative issues such as gossip, complaints or envy, the best you can do is send love energy and find someone else to talk to. Do not get involved with the drama of others or lower your vibration by letting yourself go. Do not fall into the trap of voluntarily discussing or interacting with negative energy, ignore it and focus your attention on positive energy.

3. Understanding of the environment

Recognize that there will be situations in which not only do you protect yourself, but you send love to others. There are times when you know that you will meet people with heavier energy or situations in which the vibration of the place will surely go down. That's when you should set the intention to share love keeping your heart open without letting rage or fear take control. You will see how the energy reacts and you manage to raise the vibrations immediately.

4. Extra Help

- Affirmations of Love. We have so much power that we can not even imagine that what we say transforms in truth. We are creators of reality. Therefore the importance of always using positive affirmations of love and confirming to yourself how important you are.

- Crystals. Crystals are a powerful way to protect and potentiate your energy. They absorb the negative energy of the environment. You can use them on a necklace, a bracelet or carry them in your pocket. When you feel insecure you can hold it or just remember the great benefit it gives you and immediately you will feel its energy in your body. The best crystals for energy protection are black tourmaline, smoky quartz and amethyst.

- Burning Palo Santo or Sage. The palo santo and sage are sacred plants and are excellent ways to clean the energy of your home or workplace. The smoke of these changes the ionic composition of the air, and has a direct effect on the reduction of stress. Burning them is a way of blessing and dispelling negative energies.