Divine Connection and the Crown Chakra
MAY 17, 2019

Of violet and white colors, the seventh and last chakra is located just above the head, on the crown and it is called the Crown Chakra or in Sanskrit "Sahaswara" which means "the lotus flower of the thousand petals" which symbolizes the supreme stage of the human consciousness. The lotus flower has a very special symbolism because it grows from the muddy waters, blooms where there is no clarity. The beauty is unique in an environment that seems to lack vitality.

The Crown Chakra is the ultimate subtle energy center. It is the seat of the god Shiva. After a long journey from the root chakra, the Kundalini serpent (the goddess Shakti) finally manages to rediscover each other after opening each of the 6 chakras that precede the crown chakra. The fusion of these two lovers, the masculine and the feminine, the sun and the moon, the white and the black, the pure consciousness with the earth, the lower chakras of the body with the superiors of the spirit, allows the individual to free himself and access a transcendental state of consciousness.

This chakra maintains the connection between the body and the higher consciousness. It is the source of enlightenment and spiritual connection with our higher self, with every being on the planet, and with all that is, the divine energy of the universe. Source of deep inner peace, the joy of living, and harmony between the body, spirit and the cosmos.

Pure consciousness. Universal love

Symptoms of an unbalanced crown chakra

When the crown chakra is blocked or underdeveloped there is no desire to explore the spiritual world. The inner divinity is not recognized, nor is understood that there is a divine plan for all. There is difficulty meditating, lack of meaning and purpose in life, as well as various feelings of loneliness and excessive materialism. There is tiredness, sensitivity to light, and there are bad sleep habits and headaches.

Conversely, when the crown chakra is too open or highly developed, there may be a connection with the higher realms, but a connection to the earth cannot be established. There may also be feelings of superiority or lead a life alone and without connection to the outside world.

How to balance your crown chakra?

To balance the crown chakra, it is recommended to nourish yourself with spiritual practices. Its food is meditation, prayer and self-reflection, and contemplation. It is necessary to connect with your spirituality. Meditate repeating the OM mantra in silence, listen to high vibration music and even read books or articles that open us to new knowledge and connect us with superior worlds. In fact, they are practically the only means through which the essence of Sahaswara is experienced.

We have also created a talisman specially designed so that you can keep your crown chakra in balance. This talisman has a whale that will give you a deep understanding and awareness of the world around you. Purple Jade gives inner peace. The Blue Goldstone releases your inner potential. The Amethyst promotes the love of the divine, offering your true nature and improving spiritual wisdom. The Opal awakens the cosmic consciousness and helps us to evolve spiritually and the Crystal Quartz vibrates and radiates white light to unlock, purify and amplify the energy of your aura.

By balancing your crown chakra, you will feel a strong connection with yourself, with what surrounds you and with the divine. You will understand that we are all oneself, we are connected and live the same cosmic journey. You will experience unconditional love, and you will be more compassionate, kind, understanding and humble. You will know that there is a divine plan for you and you will know how to use the wisdom of higher consciousness to use it in your daily life.

A seventh crown chakra acts as the bridge between the divine life and human life.