Drawings for Mom

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The Drawings for Mom bracelet is customizable and allows her to take your best drawings everywhere. You can upload three images. It has two heart pendants, one says: "Mamá te quiero mucho (Mom I love you so much)" and the other is customizable. It's handmade by master artisans in our atelier in Bogotá, Colombia, from gold-plated bronze, glass beads, a tear of the moon in the form of a pearl, a ladybug for luck, coins of 20 Colombian pesos, a charm for protection against the evil eye, a leaf that represents the connection with nature, an elephant as a symbol of company and loyalty, a house that represents a united and happy family, a mother-of-pearl star that brings hope, a boat that represents the voyages, a drop of pink quartz for love, a fist for luck and a fire extinguisher to put out fires.

  • Material Gold-plated bronze, acrylic, glass beads, pearl, coins of 20 Colombian pesos, mother-of-pearl and pink quartz
  • Reference MCH323-D

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