Everything is Energy
MARCH 18, 2019

According to the dictionary, energy is "Efficiency, power, virtue to act"; in physical terms, it is “the power and ability to do a job." The truth is that energy needs to be understood not only with the rational scientific understanding that has been taught to us in school but as a universal energy of which we are a part of, we are connected to and have an impact on.

Many times, we have felt a very strong energy from someone we have just met, or we have a feeling that something will happen; These are manifestations of energy that we have in our daily lives.

The first and most important thing we must understand is that the whole universe is energy.

That energy is a constant flow of movement that vibrates and is present in absolutely everything that exists. It is on what we can observe with our eyes, what we feel, and what we think. We see it present in a human being, in an animal, in an object like a chair, in the air we breathe, in our thoughts. But the energy is not the same, the energy has different levels. All objects and beings vibrate on a different scale of consciousness. Some vibrate at a higher frequency, therefore, emit more positive energy of love than others.

That is the importance of having a high-frequency energetic vibration, acting well, treating ourselves well, treating the people around us with respect and love, pampering us, caring for us, loving us and, above all, always think from love.

Here is where the opportunity to have an extraordinary life lies, but also the difficulty of achieving it as it has become increasingly difficult to recognize and connect with our energy and with ourselves. We are constantly being bombarded by thousands of ads, problems, desires, obligations and it becomes an almost impossible mission to reconnect. We do not realize that we are not setting limits, that we are wasting and leaving our energy everywhere. We concentrate our energy on work, on some problems, on a previous relationship, on fears and then we ask ourselves why things do not happen as we would like. The answer is quite simple because we postpone our dreams as we do not feel happy even if we have everything we always wanted.

What is really happening is that we pay little attention to our energy even when it is something so important to feel good. To have a life with high-frequency is a daily work that is done by living in the present, it is a work of knowledge and understanding of ourselves. But when we do, we enter an internal world full of variables that in the end will lead us to feel happy, complete and extraordinary.