Ground to the Earth with the Root Chakra
APRIL 15, 2019

The root chakra called “Muladhara” is composed of two words in Sanskrit, Mula which means "root" and "Adhara" which means "support" or "base". It is located at the base of the spine at the level of the coccyx. Its symbol is the square which represents the earth and its color is red, the color of passion, strength, fire and the vital energy of nature.

This chakra is the basis by which the subtle energy of the earth can be raised to the other six chakras. It connects our physical body with the earth, allowing us to maintain balance. Since it is the first of the chakras of matter, the root chakra is associated with everything that gives you stability in life, basic needs such as food, shelter, security, and survival are included. When these needs are met you walk on a strong and stable ground feeling completely safe and supported to manifest opportunities and abundance in your life.

Symptoms of an unbalanced third Root Chakra

When the root chakra is weak, that is, blocked, closed or inactive, it is possible for life to lose meaning and purpose. It feels like a constant lack of control and a constant feeling of insecurity accompanied by fears.

On the contrary, when the root chakra is hyperactive or too open, it appears as a strong behavior rooted in greed, selfishness, and narcissism. Even unhealthy habits may appear, such as clinging to possessions that no longer have any purpose, make compulsive purchases or tendencies to attract attention at any cost.

Actually, it is a constant balance that must be reached for the root chakra and all the others to function properly. Working in this chakra helps strengthen serenity, self-confidence, inner peace and perseverance.

How to balance your root chakra?

The importance of the Earth and nature huge for this particular chakra. As we live lives that are constantly connected and relocated to the cities, our relationship with nature is practically non-existent. Nowadays, it is quite complicated for humans to have a simple and direct relationship with the vital energy of nature, which is the source that nourishes the root chakra and then spreads it throughout the body.

Working the root chakra makes it possible to reconnect with the earth and brings stability and tranquility to life, which allows a pleasant and energetically correct relationship with material goods and a peaceful awareness of our own body.

Hence the need to constantly leave the city and take natural spaces where you can walk with bare feet, and do contemplative meditations in which you observe the beautiful colors of the flowers, perceive the freshness of the aroma of nature and feel the refreshing breeze that takes away your sorrows. It is a must to reconnect with how wonderful the Earth is.

You can also lean on our talisman specifically created so you can have a balanced root chakra. It haves healing crystals and an animal that integrates all the necessary energies so you can lead your life with stability.

The woodpecker carries the rhythm of mother earth in its blood. Hematite helps you connect energetically with Earth. The Carnelian reinforces confidence in oneself. The Red Jasper provides stability and emotional balance. The Smoky Quartz helps to let go of the past and eliminate what no longer serves and the Rutilated Quartz magnifies the energy. When you use this talisman, it will give you the strength and the courage to do the best in the present moment, to live with full attention and with a purpose as it is the best way to plan a better tomorrow.

By connecting to the ground, you will have the strength to withstand the most difficult storms, and in our chaotic world, that is practically a superpower.

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