In the Paloquemao Market
April 01, 2017

Photoshoots are one of our favorite creative processes. For this campaign we got together with photographer Ana Lorenzana, economist and model Mariana Rodríguez and super talented stylist Catalina Zuluaga. A dream team! Ana is a colombian talent, she studied in Paris and now is based in Mexico. She has worked for Nylon US, Nylon Mex, Vogue Latin America & Mex, among others.

The Plaza de Mercado de Paloquemao was the place chosen for the photos, it got its name from a large dry tree in the area that was burnt down (palo = trunk, quemado = burned) and from then on people in Bogota used the name as a point of reference. The origin of the marketplace dates back to 1946 and the Plaza de Mercado de Paloquemao has been in its current location since 1967. We chose this location for the photoshoot because we wanted to give visibility to a traditional environment of the city. Its exuberance, its colors and its textures served as a natural habitat for our bird and carnival animal earrings.

It was a fun day among colourful fruits and unforgettable faces.