Inner Truth and the Throat Chakra
MAY 13, 2019

Blue in color, the throat chakra is the fifth of the main energy centers, the first of the superior ones. Its name in Sanskrit is "Vishuddha". "Shuddhi" means purification and the "Vi" emphasizes that quality. Represented by a Blue Lotus Flower with sixteen petals that are the same sixteen vowels of Sanskrit. These vowels contain air or ether, which is a symbol of emptiness and purity.

Located on the throat, it is the center that unites the heart and the head, the feelings with the thoughts, intuition with reason. Being the first of the upper chakras it vibrates in tune with the universe and with our spiritual being.

It is directly related to our ability to communicate, loading words with meaning. It is also related with the strength of will, the capacity for choice and self-knowledge that allows us to make decisions and defend our own beliefs, truths and as well as be able to express ourselves honestly.

As it is the center of communication, not only verbal but also corporal, it has the creative capacity to express in artistic and symbolic language always connected with the divine energy.

We live in a society where we constantly share with other people, expressing ourselves in a genuine way is not easy, we have difficulty saying what we want without offending others when doing it. It is easier to say what the other person wants to hear than to manifest your truth. There are many fears that make it difficult to express what we feel.

Even so, when you work the lower chakras they will help you get ready for a level of communication, where you express your truth by being diplomatic and letting others also express theirs. By balancing your root and sacral chakra you overcome fear. Working the solar plexus chakra gives you the strength and confidence to believe in yourself. And, you will understand what lies in your heart when working the heart chakra. Then, by expressing yourself you will have a better ability to be true to yourself, but also kind to others.

When the throat chakra is balanced, the person trusts in himself, because he knows himself deeply, accepting who he truly is and what his beliefs and truths are. This facilitates establishing connections with others from honesty.

Symptoms of an unbalanced throat chakra

When this chakra is too active there is a strong tendency towards manipulative and abusive behaviors, driven by the need to control their environment, getting to lie to get others to do what the person wants.

On the other hand, if the throat chakra is blocked or underdeveloped it is almost always related to excessive shyness. There is a great difficulty to clearly communicate the thoughts and inner truth, generating a tendency to lie and exaggerate or unjustified fear of any discussion, leading to a suppression of personality. A prolonged blockage can cause problems in the thyroid and throat, even problems in the teeth or gums.

An unbalanced throat chakra postpones the action and decision making that leads to transformations in our life. Old patterns, habits, and beliefs are maintained, although it is recognized that there must be a change, it cannot be done, because there is no faith to trust in the divine or in the cosmic plan.

How to balance the throat chakra?

To balance the throat chakra, it is recommended to consume blackberries and seaweed, sit outdoors under a blue sky on a sunny day and relax. Listen to music with positive vibrations. Consider doing artistic activities, such as writing, playing an instrument or singing something that keeps the throat warm and activates the vocal cords to express yourself, or any activity that requires physical movement such as dancing to keep the energy circulating through your body.

Listening is a fundamental part of balancing this particular chakra so you will understand the truths of others, accepting yours as well. Do not lie, lying is destructive for you and for others. Preach and live the truth. Say positive affirmations to yourself, such as "I accept who I truly am", "I am honored by my presence""I defend, respect and love myself".

We have also created a piece specially designed to help you balance and keep your throat chakra balanced. This piece has a peacock that will give you the strength to defend your beliefs because you will not have more fear to show your true and beautiful colors. the Pyrite attracts abundance into my life. Lapis Lazuli helps you connect with your higher truth. Apatite increases your personal power to materialize your intentions. Aquamarine helps you to communicate fluently and crystal quartz potentiates the properties of other elements and brings clarity to situations and cleanses your throat chakra.

The essence for healing the throat chakra is to have the courage to make the decisions we must make, accept what we cannot change and have the wisdom to recognize it. It requires that we stand firm with our beliefs and truths, and not allow others to influence what we know to be true.

A balanced chakra allows us to access knowledge, to remain curious, open and free.