Intuition and the Third Eye Chakra
MAY 15, 2019

The sixth chakra, known as the third eye chakra or in Sanskrit "Anja" which means "beyond wisdom", is located in the middle of the forehead in the space between the two eyebrows. It is the home of your intuition, of the subtle energy of consciousness and spirituality. It allows us to go within ourselves to discover the wisdom that we all have in an innate way and to connect with a higher state of being.

Of indigo color, it is represented by a lotus flower with two petals that look like a winged circle. The circle is the origin of all things, and the two petals are representing duality. It signifies the transcendence of the opposites, the fusion, and connection between the feminine and the masculine, between the visible world and the spiritual world, between concrete reality and subtle reality. It unites and eliminates the duality towards a higher consciousness.

Human beings and other living and sentient beings experience the world through the senses. We always associate, perceive and trust our five senses; Taste, smell, touch, sight, and hearing. Although this has a large part in how we live our lives, it is also limiting when it comes to expanding our consciousness.

Years ago, we depended a lot on intuition and inner knowledge to survive. We observed the signs of the environment and had an instinct to guide us. Just as animals know that they must feed more or gather food to survive the winter, we also lived with the natural rhythms of nature. What happened is that we lost touch with our intuition and our ability to trust in it.

Learn to feel your intuition

Surely you have lived situations where you have felt a sense that something is not right. But when something is not visible and it is not so obvious, we tend to ignore it. And when the road opens you realize that this feeling told you already what was going to happen, and almost always is negative situations.

The good thing is that you can learn to confirm those clues that your body gives you and make better decisions based on your instinct. When your decisions result in something positive, write them to reinforce that your intuition guides you in the right direction. Remember that we have always had this sixth sense, you just need to rediscover it again.

You can also ask your inner self or God to give you guidance for you to make correct decisions. You already have your mind, your intellect and ego, now you are also including your soul, making the spirituality conscious in your life.

When a person hears his inner being and has balanced his third eye chakra, he has an understanding of the world and the reality that goes beyond. Materialism and daily life go to second planes. This chakra becomes an access door to extrasensory perception, to a deeper awareness of reality, opening the way to imagination and creativity, including telepathy, lucid and premonitory dreams.

Symptoms of an unbalanced third eye chakra

When the third eye chakra is blocked or very underdeveloped only the mind is used, the intellect and the ego to make decisions, but the soul does not participate. There is an emphasis on fear, but not faith; Always leading to wrong decisions for you and your path. You may experience difficulty making decisions, lack of concentration, confusion, lack of inspiration, headache and sleeping problems or nightmares.

Conversely, when the chakra is too open or active the individual may be subject to dual personality disorders.

It can happen that an unbalanced chakra results in a life crisis. We do not know what the purpose is and we do not understand why things happen. When this questioning is overcome, the personal guide is opened to take us to where we should be.

How to balance your third eye chakra?

The essence of healing the sixth chakra is to eliminate the fears you have to live a full and abundant life. When the third eye chakra is balanced, it allows you to connect to your intuition to make decisions and take actions to advance in the path you must travel.

To balance the Third Eye Chakra, it is recommended to consume blackberries, purple kale, purple cabbage, and raisins. It is also good to sit quietly in the rays of the sun or relax in a place where there is plenty of natural light.

We have also created a talisman specially designed so that you can keep your third eye chakra in balance. This talisman has a starfish that will give you the freedom to trust your intuition, your inner voice, and your heart. Lapis Lazuli connects you with a higher truth and draws your attention to your third eye. Fluorite cleanses your energy and invites positive energy into your space. Amethyst improves your intuition and encourages and strengthens your inner spirit and Crystal Quartz brings clarity to situations and guides your energy to the cosmos.

After balancing the third eye, you will see how your life moves in a direction you would never have imagined. You receive guidance from your intuition, your spiritual being and it makes you feel safe when making decisions and confronting changes.