Muzo & Mercedes Salazar
APRIL 24, 2018

Colombian emerald mines Muzo launched a spectacular collection in collaboration with 24 contemporary jewelry designers to showcase the beauty of unfaceted emeralds.

We were invited to take part in this project, where nearly 100 pieces of jewelry were produced. The interesting challenge that Muzo proposed to the jewelers was to use more unusual variations of the gems, rather than faceted ones, such as raw organic slices, tumbled, and cabochons.

Muzo is a region located northwest of Bogotá. Lost between the Andes mountain range, from high cliffs between clouds to humid warm valleys where the most precious emeralds lie.

Each Muzo Emerald is unique and the result of a millenary tradition. These precious stones not only bring allure to those who wear them but also generate fair labor conditions and development for the communities involved in the process.

As such, our collection “Across the Universe” is inspired in what lies beneath our skies. It is an open invitation to let our hearts by our guide, and trust in the messages from above and the stars that bring us light in the darkness of the night.

Our pieces are handmade by master artisans in different regions of Colombia and at our atelier in Bogotá, from sculpted gold and precious stones.

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