Pure love with the heart chakra
MAY 6, 2019

Of green color and associated with love and compassion the fourth chakra is the Heart chakra, called Anahata in Sanskrit, meaning "liberated" or "unharmed". Located in the center of the chest, it connects the three lower chakras with the three upper chakras, the body and the spirit, the masculine and the feminine energy.

The heart chakra frees us from our pains and complaints of past experiences, showing us the path of self-love and love towards others, where feelings prevail and pain disappears. Divine union, a symbol of universal humility and love.

Its foundation is love. Self-love, love towards others, towards nature, towards life. When the energy circulates freely through the heart chakra, it flows with love and compassion. You know how to love, respect and accept yourself, as well as others, radiating love in everything that is done.

Symptoms of an unbalanced heart chakra

When the heart chakra is blocked or not developed, there are problems in the relationships, there may be detachments towards the loved ones. There are no feelings of compassion, but there is much fear of betrayal, as well as overwhelming jealousy. You can also present a false ideal of perfection, and by not complying with the pre-established scripts you judge others, but also yourself, creating bitterness.

On the contrary, when the heart chakra is too active or too developed, the excess of badly controlled energy creates selfish behaviors, always ready to take, but never to return. There are also strong attachments to everything, creating emotions difficult to control.

How to balance your heart chakra?

  • It is advisable to consume green vegetables, such as peas, avocado or broccoli.
  • Free yourself from the ideals of perfection that exist in society, everything is already perfect.
  • Forgive, let go of your laments and move on, live the present and enjoy life. That includes forgiving yourself for your mistakes.
  • Fulfill the premise of "Give love to receive love." That is, smile even when you do not feel like it, in doing so you will spread others with joy.
  • Speak with affirmations and positive comments, do not use negative language. All it does is damage the environment. Also, do not complain or criticize anyone or anything, or yourself, it is better to appreciate.
  • Take advantage of any opportunity to make positive comments from love. You will see that everything will flow in an incredible way and that love and good energy that you gave will come back to you.

By letting go of your worries, regrets, and resentments you can open your heart to new experiences and people with compassion, love, and understanding. As my mom says, we have to clean the house and take out what we no longer need, so that new energy and new, more wonderful things come in.

Also, you can take with you the talisman we have created especially to keep your heart chakra in balance. This talisman has a dog that will give you a deep understanding of human imperfections, filling you with compassion that will allow you to accept and unconditionally love yourself and others. The Pink Quartz opens your heart to all kinds of love, increases your self-esteem, confidence, and emotions. Rhodonite brings forgiveness and compassion. The Emerald surrounds us with love, compassion, and gratitude while healing the heart. Jade releases negative thoughts and Aventurine protects your heart chakra.

Once your heart chakra is realigned, you will radiate love. You will flow with love and compassion, you will forgive quickly, you will accept others and yourself. You have a strong feeling of self-love. You take your heart open, with complete devotion to life. You accept challenges as necessary for growth. Your relationships will begin to strengthen. You love yourself, others and nature.