Santuario by Mercedes Salazar
December 11, 2018

BURO is a design fair held in Bogotá Colombia. It is a place where new talents and brands unite to represent the creative and entrepreneurial spirit of the country.

We created an experience where people could connect with the energy of the universe, let themselves be guided by their instincts or by the tarot and leave happy with a talisman specially made for them.

In the colorful tent that smelled like palo santo, we covered the walls with the meanings of the stones, the spirits of the animals and different symbols that Mercedes has used for years. Between the tarot cards and the energy of the crystals, people connected with the symbols to create their talisman.

A talisman or amulet for us is a piece that reminds you of what you believe in, that connects you with a better version of yourself. When we see it, the commitment to the intention that we put with faith and hope gives us the necessary strength to get where we set out.

We are all in the pursuit to improve, to be more loving, receptive and grow in all aspects of our lives, to be the very best version of ourselves, to be extraordinary.