The Aura
MARCH 26, 2019

Many times we have said the following statement: "I need space". We say it when we are dismayed, frustrated, in a bad mood. Without really knowing we have been asking someone to allow us to reconnect with ourselves, and without knowing that the space we are asking for is referring to the Aura. That electromagnetic field that surrounds us and that contains information about our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energies.

The Aura is energy that each being emanates from its interior, a radiance, luminous vibration that surrounds the body and is closely related to the physical, mental and emotional body. Through the Aura, you can appreciate the mental state of someone, its health, its honesty, its mentality and spiritual elevation. It is the true mirror of the soul and allows us to know people in depth. It reveals everything, who the person really is, all that it has done and the potential to be extraordinary that it has.

This layer contains our own emanations. That is, we are the ones who determine its state. The Aura manifests our reality, without deception, lies or appearances, in the form of light, colour, spots and shadows.

Everything has Aura, we humans, animals, plants and even objects. Remember that everything is energy. But the only ones that can have an impact on the Aura are sentient beings, responding to internal or external factors that affect our day, this happens unconsciously the vast majority of times.

In the Aura, you can see different colours, depending on the nature of the frequency which is extremely variable, because it is subject to our mental and emotional states, how we relate to others and ourselves. There are also variations in the colour and these can have alterations in the forms since they can appear horizontal, vertical, spots covering or rotating in front, above and behind the person. All this will depend on the degree of balance or imbalance that we have. When we have a healthy aura it is because our chakras are in perfect balance, and likewise, each layer of our aura will have the correct colours in the areas of each chakra.

It has 7 layers that are related to the 7 chakras. Each of the layers is related to some specific aspect of our lives.

Layer 1. The layer closest to the physical body. In this, you can observe physical health.

Layer 2. It is the emotional body and gives a balance between masculine and feminine energies.

Layer 3. It shows the inner power, the willpower.

Layer 4. The connection between the body and the spirit.

Layer 5. Shows the capacity for expression and communication.

Layer 6. Shows how we see the world personally.

Layer 7. Wisdom, connection with my higher self.

The Aura not only shows a lot of information but it is also a protective layer. When the aura is strong and luminous, it protects us and prevents the entry of negative energies.

Knowing the Aura helps us create healthy energy limits with our environment and protect our energy field. When meditating, we cultivate a close relationship with ourselves, with mother earth and with the cosmos. It allows us to get rid of energies without positive purposes and reconnect with our being to create love intentions for all aspects of our life.