The source of personal power: the solar plexus chakra
MAY 2, 2019

During pregnancy, the mother feeds her baby through the umbilical cord. When we are adults, we nourish ourselves from the umbilical cord of light that binds us to the sun, that's where we regulate all the physical, emotional and vital experiences that we incorporate into our lives through the solar plexus chakra.

The solar plexus chakra is the third. In Sanskrit, its name is Manipura which means "brilliant gem". Located just above the navel and below the sternum. It is the last of the three chakras associated with the physical plane.

Of yellow color, this chakra carries within all the inspiration and the powerful and bright sunlight. It is the energy center where the universal vital energy (prana) is stored and to be redistributed throughout the body. It is the power chakra, it is the beat of our own drum that helps us stay connected to our dreams, it is the source of personal strength.

This chakra provides the warrior energy that we all need to transform ourselves and achieve our goals. Enthusiasm, will, and autonomy are part of the warrior, but he knows who he truly is and lives his life honoring himself. He is intelligent and recognizes that he has unique gifts, personal truths and a way to go. It knows well that with responsibility, motivation, and self-confidence he will reach the highest peaks, developing its wisdom and reaching his maximum potential. The warrior is the archetype of the solar plexus and he helps us lead a life full of self-confidence.

When the solar plexus chakra is balanced, there is a subtle energy that allows us to overcome all the obstacles that discourage us and moves us away from our objectives. Our ego is sufficiently developed to affirm our personality and become aware of our abilities. We keep our minds sharp and curious, while an inner flame encourages us to achieve our goals as well as to lovingly protect and be aware of those we love.

Symptoms of an unbalanced solar plexus chakra

When the solar plexus chakra is blocked or inactive, the personal light does not shine. There may be symptoms related to depression. There is low self-esteem, lack of strength and will, and fear of rejection. The person where lets himself be carried away by life and only feels capable of enduring it, but does not have the initiative or the energy that allows him to control his destiny.

On the contrary, when the solar plexus chakra is too open or highly developed the energy gets out of control, it is easy to become dominant, obsessive and compulsive. There is an irrational need to control everything in life. There is jealousy, anger, envy, even resentment, and an inevitable urge to please others.

How to balance your solar plexus chakra?

To maintain balanced your solar plexus chakra, it is advisable to consume high energy-filled foods, such as turmeric or ginger. As we have a connection with the sun, take sunbaths, enjoy the warmth of a fireplace or bonfire with your friends, partner or solo reading a book that you like. The fire, its heat, and the light recharge you. Or you can use the talisman we have created especially to keep your solar plexus chakra in balance.

This talisman has a leopard that will give you confidence, a lot of energy and it will align your energy to maintain a constant balance. The Moonstone reflects my deepest truths. The Tiger Eye will help you strengthen your motivation and willpower. Apatite enhances my intuition. The Yellow Jade is energetic and stimulating, but it also brings you joy and happiness.

Once your solar plexus chakra is balanced, you will begin to feel motivated and focused, proactive and ready to move forward in your life. You will trust your decisions and will stand firm to achieve any goal you set for yourself. By living your personal truth, you strengthen yourself and inspire others to do the same.