Photo courtesy of Love Magazine
Vive la Colombie à Paris!
July 10, 2017

Every year, France invites a non-neighboring country to build bilateral relations by organizing cultural and artistic initiatives in both countries. This is the Year of Colombia in France and to celebrate it the Colombian designer Esteban Cortázar with Sarah Andelman, creative director of Colette, organized a party to honor Colombian culture and craftsmanship. From July 10th until July 22nd, the work of thirty Colombian designers was exhibit in the heart of Paris.

Photo courtesy of Love Magazine

A life-size recreation of a typical Colombian tiendita (local shop) in the window of Collette, called the attention of all the shoppers. It was stuffed floor to ceiling with all the kitschy Colombian products, like Bon Bon Bum candies, FAB laundry soap and Colombian sodas. TVs were playing old Miss Colombia pageants, soccer matches and soap operas, as a tribute to our roots.

We were present at this celebration with our earrings homage to the Carnival of Barranquilla and to the master artisans of Galapa, Atlántico, who for years have carved animals in wood and painted with their colors the days of this mythical festivity. Being part of these event shows us that the biodiversity that we have in Colombia, is not only in flora and fauna, but also in fashion and in the products manufactured by our national industry.