Muzo Emerald Colombia is an emerald producer that has been known for its transparency and environmental awareness. As a company, they have the objective of educating the industry and consumers in responsible emerald consumption.

Mercedes Salazar, we think the importance of building a conscious and sustainable community is possible with team work

This is why we want to collaborate with the Muzo Foundation, creating a  new collection using Muzo emeralds. This campaign is created to collect funds to be used in the different programs the Foundation is currently executing. They have 3 programs intended to create sustainable, competitive, and innovative communities.

Cultural programs: This is an educational, recreational, and cultural space that benefits more than 1000 children of different ages. In this space, children will have access to an extensive library, robotic classes, literature, art, and others. This will help create communities that are full of different capabilities working together.

Cacao production: This project started in 2015 and currently benefits more than 200 people with low incomes. With donations, farmer's way of life improves, coffee plantations expand, fertilizers are bought improving the quality of the products.

Jewelry: This project started out in 2019 with 20 participants that wanted to learn to make jewelry. It´s currently paused due to COVID 19. In order to restart the educational process, they need donations to hire teachers and buy materials.