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Mercedessalazar.com reserves the right to correct any error, inaccuracy or omission and of changing or updating information at any moment without prior notification. Contents of the Website is deemed only for your information and general use. It is subject to changes without prior notice.

This Website contains material that is the property of MERCEDES SALAZAR or licensed by MERCEDES SALAZAR. This material includes, but is not limited to, the design both in products as well as the site, appearance, illustrations, images and pictures. Total or partial reproduction is forbidden, except prior written authorization by MERCEDES SALAZAR.

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As per the above, the use or modification of all or part of the information contained in mercedessalazar.com and specifically for its reproduction, unloading, broadcasting or representation for uses other than personal and private use are strictly forbidden, therefore MERCEDES SALAZAR will bear no responsibility on account of any case or legal actions carried out by any user as expressed therein.

Mercedes Salazar is a registered trade mark and as a result, any use or modification thereof, under the terms previously allowed, would give any person the right or would be deemed as a transfer title to the user. MERCEDES SALAZAR will continue being the owner of all rights to intellectual property of any content that is unloaded, reproduced, printed, distributed or otherwise saved. Any commercial exploitation of MERCEDES SALAZAR’s intellectual property is expressly forbidden.

When you subscribe to this Website, you will be requested to supply to the Company a valid email address. Subscription confirmation will be sent to such email, which you may either reject or accept, once the subscription is accepted, you may update your profile, should you wish to do so. Your email will also be required to authenticate online purchases and to receive notifications related to the brand either commercial or related to advertisement.

When web contact is made by means of personalized service, in addition, we will request your name and mobile number. The same will occur when you need to send us a message via the contact link. In the event you buy through our website, additional information will be requested.

In addition to the terms and conditions that may be provided in the policies of this Website, you hereby understand and accept that the company may disclose to third parties, some information contained in your registration request to the extent the same becomes necessary or appropriate to comply with applicable laws or with legal processes and procedures where such information is deemed pertinent.

The user may, at any time, cancel his/her subscription via the same email where he/she received such information.

By virtue of the foregoing, upon providing your personal information to MERCEDES SALAZAR JOYERÍA you expressly authorize the former to use your personal data. As well as the use, storage, transmission or transfer thereof for commercial and marketing purposes related to the subject matter of MERCEDES SALAZAR JOYERIA and/or any treatment required to provide full compliance with the obligations it takes on with users and the delivery of products. The foregoing, in accordance with the Privacy and Personal Data Protection Policies on our website.

In the following link you may view our Privacy and Personal Data Protection Policies, that were previously and expressly accepted by you for purposes previously mentioned herein and expressly informed, upon subscribing, contacting us or using our chat.


Payment is carried out through Openpay or PayU (for orders placed outside Colombia and for orders placed in Colombia) they will carry out the entire payment process. mercedessalazar.com has no access to your financial information, therefore, MERCEDES SALAZAR waives any responsibility as regards such financial information. By virtue of the foregoing, when making a purchase, the user accepts being redirected to such platforms, which are the solely and directly responsible for the information requested therein, exempting MERCEDES SALAZAR from any claim on account of a breach regarding the treatment provided to such information by the platform.

User must be aware that contents of the webpage have a specific purpose regarding brand advertising and products belonging to MERCEDES SALAZAR. The user must take into account that the visualization of products may be inaccurate, and colors may differ. Products published on the website may not be available in stores.

Proper Use

The user commits to not reproducing, copying, distributing and allowing public access through any public communication media, to changing or modifying the content, without having prior written authorization from the owner of the rights of MERCEDES SALAZAR.

The user may not tamper with copy rights, trademarks or patents that are property of mercedessalazar.com.

The user commits to not interfering nor interrupting access and use of the website, servers or networks connected thereto, or to breach the requirements, procedures and regulations on networks’ connecting policies. Using Contents in a manner or with purposes or effects other than those allowed by applicable laws of the Republic of Colombia, place of residence of the User, or in the place the User is accessing such Services or that are contrary to morals, the law and common use are forbidden. The user commits to not introducing, publishing, sending emails or in any other manner broadcasting any material containing virus programs or programs designed to interrupt, destroy or damage the correct functioning of any computer program either for computers or hardware or telecommunication equipment.

Shipping within Colombia will be carried out by FedEx. No shipping costs will be charged for purchases over COP$200.000

International shipments are made through FedEx or DHL. Shipping costs are automatically calculated according to the destination, during the checkout process and will be assumed by Cuatro Perlas S.A.S. for purchases equal to or greater than the values indicated below, depending on the country of destination. In case of purchases for lower values or to destinations not listed below, shipping costs must be paid by the buyer at the time of purchase. In the case of international purchases, no sales taxes caused in Colombia will be charged, however, the customer, buyer or recipient will be responsible for any value that is charged by reason of or in connection with the entry of the products to the country of destination and its corresponding nationalization (such as sales tax of the destination country, customs charges, etc.). Under no circumstances will Cuatro Perlas S.A.S. accept returns or make refunds in the event that the customer, buyer or recipient refuses the order and refuses to pay the taxes and nationalization costs incurred in the country of destination.

For purchases from abroad please go to int.mercedessalazar.com . Shipments to any city in the world via FedEx or DHL in 5-10 business days (applies to products in physical stock), 25 business days applies to products in Preorder, made to order).

Minimum purchase to get free shipping:

Americas US$200

Europe US$200

Rest of the world US$300

Orders placed within Colombia will be delivered between 2 to 4 business days. International orders will be delivered between 5 to 10 business days. Preorders will be delivered between 15 to 20 business days. These delivery times may change in the cases of promotions or special dates and may take longer than usual. There may be times where the established term in this paragraph may take longer due to events not attributable to MERCEDES SALAZAR, such term will not exceed 30 days as established by the consumer’s bylaws as the maximum term for domestic deliveries, and in the event this term is exceeded, the penalty established by law will apply and you will have the right to request your money back on account of such purchase.

Change and money-back requests are accepted for products that are returned without having been used, in their original packaging and in perfect condition (both in terms of product as well as packaging) within 30 calendar days following the purchase date appearing in the invoice. Customer must submit the respective invoice or gift certificate of the product in question. The user shall bear shipping costs of the product to MERCEDES SALAZAR’s distribution center and shipping costs of the product to the address required.

All reimbursements will be processed in the same manner as the original payment within 14 days following the receipt of the returned product.

Personalized or changed pieces will be deemed as a final sale and no changes or returns are accepted. Should you detect any flaw or error in the receipt of your order, please contact us via our Customer Service Line, calling +57 1 7437100 or write to asistentemarketing@mercedessalazar.com

The accumulation of coupons is not accepted. Only one (1) coupon is accepted per purchase order.

Avoid bumping or dropping products. Maintain each piece in its original package. Clean with a soft and dry cloth. Avoid contact with water, perfume, soap, hand or body lotions, detergents or any other chemical product. Remove make-up softly as well as excess skin fat, after every use

Products will have a legal warranty on account of damages or flaws for up to 15 business days subsequent to the purchase order, provided however that the user has met all product maintenance and use instructions provided for in this document.

MERCEDES SALAZAR fixes and repairs pieces without cost if these are broken or damaged within the warranty period. Products without warranty or with expiration thereof, may be shipped to our stores to be repaired together with their respective invoice. Repairs will be carried out provided the required pieces are available. Repairs will be charged on a case by case basis as well as shipping of the repaired product. To request a repair, please write to info@mercedessalazar.com. If your product is damaged during shipment, please write to info@mercedessalazar.com describing the product and attaching a picture of the damaged package. Invoices are required to carry out any repair.

MERCEDES SALAZAR JOYERÍA reserves the right to modify any commercial offer submitted on its website (changes on products, prices, promotions and other commercial related information) at any moment.

We endeavor so all the information contained in the website is shown as accurate and without typos, however, in the event any such error were to occur or errors in systems that are completely foreign to MERCEDES SALAZAR, we will immediately proceed to their correction.

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Promotion conditions:
- All promotions are valid while stocks last.
- All products are subject to warranties.
- Promotions are not accruable.

- Promotion coverage: - Applies to purchases made on the website www.mercedessalazar.com at national level (Colombia).

The reversal of payment consists on the right enshrined in the Colombian Consumer Bylaws for consumer to revert payments they have made by means of e-commerce such as Internet, PSE; Call Center or any other mechanism, TV sales or virtual stores and which payments were made using a credit card, debit or any other electronic payment means, to carry out such payment.
Cases in which reversal of payment applies.
1. When the consumer is subject to fraud.
2. When it deals with a transaction that was not requested.
3. When the product bought has not been received within 30 calendar days following the purchase.
4. When the product delivered is not the product bought, or when it does not comply with
the attributes inherent to it or those listed on the information provided for such product. 5. When the product delivered in damaged.

Term to request the reversal of payment

The consumer must submit a claim to Mercedes Salazar and/or the operator of such payment platforms, complying with the requirements mentioned hereinbelow, within five (5) business days following the date in which the costumer received notice of the fraudulent or not requested transaction, or on the date he/she would have had to receive the product or if the product received had been damaged or was not the product requested.

Within those five (5) business days that the costumer has to submit such reversal of payment claim, the consumer shall report the electronic payment means used to make the purchase, and that he/she made the respective claim (submitting as evidence filing of such petition) in addition to stating the reasons why she/he filed such petition and inform if he/she already returned the product to Mercedes Salazar.

The consumer shall notify the payment franchise of the petition filed before Mercedes Salazar, according to service channels that such franchise makes available to receive such claims.