Born in Bogota, Mercedes Salazar is a Colombian designer. She finds inspiration in the small things around her, in nature, and in her passion for art and materials. Her designs are guided by her love for craftsmanship and handmade work.


We create to impress. Large, fun, and colorful earrings. Handwoven raffia handbags in extraordinary shapes. Striking and impactful accessories. Home decor pieces that stand out from the ordinary. We are colorful, exaggerated, and sensual!


We believe that jewelry has the power to connect humans with the universe. We believe in the power of stones and crystals. We believe in creating and respecting the earth at the same time. We believe in craftsmanship, in the power of hands, and in magic.


All our jewelry and accessories are handmade by Colombian jewelers and artisans. We work with over 200 artisans from around Colombia to create unique pieces. Through our work, we aim to keep alive the ancestral techniques of our country.